Concert a Itea (Grècia): 29/08/2015



Un passeig per la literatura llatina



Presentació del llibre “Resum de literatura llatina” de Carles Riba. Editorial Cal.lígraf. Una reedició que recull fidelment el text publicat per Carles Riba acompanyat d’una antologia de textos en traducció catalana, a cura d’Eusebi Ayensa.

       Veu: Carme Callol

       Veu i guitarra: Josep Tero

       Presentació i comentari dels textos:Eusebi Ayensa

       Lloc: Jardí de la Domus de l’Ara del Gall (Domus 2) Ciutat romana

       Hora: 20.00h. Entrada lliure

Josep Tero en gira a Grècia a l’estiu. (Interview Greek National TV)


NEW GREEK SUMMER TOUR 2015 (Now booking: august/september dates)

Josep Tero a la TV nacional de Grècia

Interview clips in Greek Public Television. Acknowledgements to ET1 – EPT Ελληνική Ραδιοφωνία Τηλεόραση

Known as the most “Greek” of the Catalan songwriters, Josep Tero is both fascinated and strongly influenced by Greek musical culture. «To put my music to the words of Kavafy, Ànite de Tegea (Hellenism), to adapt and sing M. Theodorakis, Ritsos, to sing and share stage with Nena Venetsanou, L. Maxairitsas, Manolis Rassoulis, Maria Farantouri, Christos Tsiamoulis -amongst others-, to sing in spectacular places like the Kalimarmaro stadium or the Megaro Mousikis Auditorium, but also in a intimate places like Naxos Festival… To immerse myself in the Byzantine voices of Athos, to cement the friendship between Greece and Catalonia, spreading the interest that Catalonia feels for Kavafy, Theodorakis, Ritsos, for Hellenism, for Greece… I always miss Greece from my sea in Emporio, on the western extremes of the Mediterranean. All of these things make me feel whole when I’m once again in Greece with my songs.» Josep Tero

Josep Tero presents this 2015 his 9th album, “From the same sea» (Temps Record, April 2014) based on twelve Mediterranean poetesses of all time. Josep Tero, with his setting to music, raises several issues in this album: the love of the country, the most immediate landscape, friendship, troubadours, freedom…